The program for this conference is available via the following link.

Social Digital Scholarly Editing conference

Preceding day: workshops (tba)

Conference venue: Emmanuel and St Chad Building (Graduate Student Commons), cnr. Wiggins and College Drive, University of Saskatchewan

Day 1, 11 July



formal welcome



Paul Eggert

How to Read a Digital Edition



Peter Robinson

What Digital Humanists don't know about Scholarly Editing


Peter Shillingsburg

Is Reliable Social Scholarly Editing an Oxymoron?



Fotis Jannidis

Connecting Islands to Build a City ? Requirements of Complex Digital Editions in the Context of VREs


Ken Price

The Place of Editing in the Emerging Research Environments of Our Time


Daniel O'Donnel

Every thing that rises must converge: On the merging of the cultural heritage, textual scholarship, and popular science sectors




Ben Brumfield

The Collaborative Future of Amateur Editions


Paul Flemons

Virtual Expeditions for crowdsourcing transcription of informal natural history literature


Melissa Terras

Crowdsourcing or crowdsifting? Results and experiences from Transcribe Bentham.



Evening: conference dinner, Boffins Restaurant


Day 2, 12 July


Susan Brown

Tensions and Tenets of Socialized Scholarship



Zailig Pollock

From Respect des Fonds to Respect de la Page


Roger Osborne

Archiving, Editing, and Reading with the AustESE Workbench: The Theory and Practice of an Electronic Edition of Josephs Furphy's Such is Life.



Edward Vanhoutte

A bag of words. Social perspectives on scholarly editing


Barbara Bordalejo

What is meant by editing in the phrase social editing?


Ray Siemens

Foundations of the Social Edition?



Joshua Sosin

Digital Papyrology, Digital Classics


Catherine Nygren

Building the Cultural Spaces of Pope's 1729 Dunciad Variorum


Jason Boyd

Reediting and REED: Online Collaboration and Websourced Editing



Brent Nelson

Group-Sourcing the Literary Archive


Meg Meiman

Documentation for the public: social editorial practices in the Walt Whitman Archive


Geoffrey Rockwell

Social Tools and Social Texts


Evening: reception hosted by the College of Arts and Science, Museum of Antiquities


Day 3, 13 July


Alex Gil

Crowdsourcing Marginalia


Joris van Zundert

The Social Shaping of Technology and the Digital Scholarly Edition


Wendy Phillips-Rodriguez

Nostalgia for the Çodex in a Digital Era (or Where are my Manuscripts!)



Murray McGillivray

“Why Don't We Do It in the Road?": Scholarly Editing as a Public Intellectual Activity


Wout Dillen

The Samuel Beckett Digital Manuscript Project as a Collaborative Genetic Edition


Gimena del Rio

Repertoire on the Metrics of the Medieval Castilian Poetry



Tuomas Heikkila

Computers, Stemmatology and Medieval Cultural History


Laura Mandel

Building Scholarly Editions via the Crowd: the eMOP Project


Romual Lakowski

Digital Thomas More



Elena Pierazzo

Communicating Digital Scholarly Editions: a reader's perspective


Allison Muri

Early Modern London as Social Text, or, Speculations on the Means and Ends of Digital Editions


James Ginther

Bringing up the Rearguard in Digital Editing: Engaging the non-digital Humanist




Gabriel Egan

What happened? Perspectives going forward. General discussion.


Conference closes.